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Reports are one of the key items that makes the life easier for engineers, administrators as well as managers. However generating the desired report and in a required format are mostly a challenge within Cisco UC infrastructure. UC Configuration reporting Tool can easily help the UC administrators to point out the existing the configuration vulnerabilities. This can further assure that the cluster configuration changes are happening as per the standard design.

Some of the fully customizable that can be generated out of the system are:

  • AS Built Documentation
  • Configuration Best practices comparison
  • Audit Reports
  • Phone Inventory reports including status

The reporting tool can automatically produce customized and professional looking reports in Excel, CSV and WORD format within minutes – a task that often takes weeks.

Reports can be scripted and generated to explain the Current UC Infrastructure design and drawbacks.
The report can easily accompany the current customer design and customer best practice guidelines into specific report templates so that UC Configuration reporting Tool can deliver the same template report within no time.
Our UC reporting engine supports the following products

  • CUCM
  • CUC
  • Gateways
  • UCCX

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