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Sometimes managing users and phones within an enterprise becomes challenging with limited or busy administrative staff or cost associated with raising Change Orders with your managed service provider.

Our Collaboration Management Suite is capable of providing self-service capabilities to the End users or designated non-technical staff within the enterprise who can in turn manage frequent day to day user Move, Add and Changes (MACD) for Phones such as: Retrieve a forgotten password, forward calls, set up speed dial shortcuts on the phone, or lookup a colleague in a directory for a quick click-to-call connection.

This feature of our platform can significantly reduce the daily occurrences of end-user ticket incidents that require the involvement of a helpdesk and potentially delay enterprise users productivity.

In fact, analysts estimate that a simple task of password recovery can cost more than $50 if you factor in the efforts needed to call the technical support, their intervention, and the user’s idle time.

Our Phone management tool intends to reduce Operational expense by enabling the end users to manage their extensions and phones.

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