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Data Center Solutions

Eljay’s Data Center Solutions reduces the complexity; make the IT Infrastructure management to be more efficient, reliable with 24/7 availability.

ELJAY provides comprehensive data center solutions and services starting from design , implementation and management of the datacenter which are focused to the business priorities. With Eljay’s DC Solution one can leverage IT Infrastructure, improve the resource utilization, and deliver enhanced business value at lower operational costs in your IT environment

ELJAY Data Center Solutions and Services

  • Streamline data integration across your organization
  • Improve IT responsiveness to maximize efficiencies
  • Enhance service levels
  • Reduce the complexity of managing large database environments
  • Increase data availability both internally and externally

ELJAY delivers data center solutions to meet your specific organizational objectives in the following key areas:

  • Server Consolidation - By consolidating the number of servers in your environment, addressing enterprise storage requirements and building an efficient consolidated systems environment, you can drastically reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure. ELJAY project managers and technology consultants are experience
  • Server Configuration & Design - Our proven expertise and our ability to understand your specific goals ensure that a server design will allow your computer systems to scale with your company as and when required.
  • High Availability Design - ELJAY High Availability systems provide automated recovery in a matter of minutes in the case of a failure-keep it running and fix it fast. ELJAY has proven experience with highly available cluster implementation projects involving comprehensive planning, simple but robust design, correct implementation, extensive testing of all points of failure and on going management.
  • Storage Configuration & Design - ELJAY can optimize your infrastructure to provide critical levels of protection, performance, and scalability to provide better protection against loss in the event of a failure and enhanced performance.
  • Back-up & Recovery Design Services - ELJAY has a portfolio of backup recovery solutions to fit your needs. ELJAY will provide solution experts to define design and deploy your backup solution giving you an enterprise solution tailored to your business requirements.